Everybody has talents and passions. But most people lack ways and opportunities, to turn them into something real. 
Instead of following one’s talents, people often exchange life time for regular income that seems to provide safety. 
This way, valuable potential gets lost – individually, but also for the whole society. 

We have spoken with thousands of people in the last three years – in corporations, schools and on the street, with homeless people and millionaires. We found out that most of the times, it’s not money people lack to be able to follow their dreams, but courage and possibilities. Which we want to provide. 

We call it potentialism.

millionways is an organization for potentialism – a nonprofit foundation which looks at personalities and talents instead of degrees, formal qualifications, status or background. We get to know people, put them in our database and match them with a combination of algorithms and empathy. We find possible partners, organizations, jobs, and projects which they would otherwise never think of. 

Our aim was:
to speak with 5000 people in order to find out, what they need to make something real from their potential. 
We did that from 2013 to 2016. We have learned a lot. 

Next aim:
2017 we want to change the lives of at least 5000 people.

Do you recognize yourself?
Join us.

We are already supported by prominent and less prominent donors, for example Frank Otto. To help more people, we depend on further donations – more here.

Our Trailer (only in German so far):