For a world in which we are the foundation.

… and "we" is not exclusive to young people, professionals, revolutionaries or any one group of people in particular.

“We” means all of us.

And that includes corporations, politics, cities and municipals we live in. No more dogmas!

millionways' origin is what makes it so special.  We never planned on becoming anything in specific. Our evolution towards our goals was instead organic and cannot attribute to any sort of grand master plan. From students to retirees, from managers to farmers, from homeless people to billionaires, people came together, inspired each other and contributed their part to benefit all. The same way our organization has lived through lows and highs, is the way we see the world: authentic encounters between people - honest, free of prejudices, games or hidden agendas - pave the way towards inspiration. It is this inspiration that leads to a new kind of corporations and projects that are not based on pure cost effectiveness and rational thought, but rather upon passion and enthusiasm. 

We envision world in which it has become entirely normal for each individual to discover their potential, cultivates it and shapes their life with it. And we are starting now. 

This is creating a new structure based on authenticity and enthusiasm, No matter if young or old, rich or poor, regardless of nationality, gender or education, every person must be regarded as an individual.

The most important part: We refuse to define ‘talent’ as musically, mathematically or artistically gifted. Empathy, discipline, the ability to communicate and many more are considered talents. Understanding this point of view allows the discovery of potential in every person.

The Structure

Accredited as a charitable organization, millionways stands for the millionways vision that has been irrevocably pinned down in our foundation’s mission: To form a society that allows each individual to develop to their full potential. To achieve this, we link and foster those who embark on their way to fully harness their hidden talents. Together we then develop ideas for social projects (supported by the foundation) or companies (supported by the AG).

The foundation is the lone holder of the millionways AG and receives all profit generated.

The millionways AG is responsible for the financial implementation of our vision. It provides services and sponsors the ideas for new corporations with marketing, infrastructure and financing. The most crucial criteria remains that these are driven by passion and do not constitute a conventional business model that could be financed through bank loans.

Once one of these corporations becomes successful and generates profit, a share of it flows back to millionways to sponsor new ideas.