In Letters

What is you motivation?

To accomplish something for and with people in order to create a better future. Back to the North and the sea (studied in Kiel from 1982 until 1988 and lived in Laboe) and “Get cracking”! 

Why millionways?

Everyone should have the chance to find their talents and live them out and be happy and content. This is what I would like to use my own strengths for.

What makes you you?

A great appreciation for seafaring and shipbuilding, would have almost been a captain out on the big sea (failed in 1981 just because of needing glasses); a love for classical music, would have quite enjoyed being a conductor too; a great interest in arts and culture, like to paint and experiment myself; interested in contemporary history and stories and I am open to almost anything (from volcanoes on Iceland and the alpine rose to the stars).

My personal wish to connect work life and leisure time….

is to realize my interests, develop them and use them to reconcile both in the future. I am one of the people who, unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to practice my dream profession and was stuck in the “hamster wheel” of functioning. Today, I am looking forward to a wide range of future prospects and enjoying the courage to change. 


Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

August 20th, 1962


Imparting knowledge, convincing by inspiring, staff leadership. 

Non-talents Discovered in Life

For now: detachment from unhealthy structures.

Check this out

The realization of living spaces - which is possible at all times and during all stages of life.