The History

I started out as a music artist. Due to my personal interests in culture and arts I always used the possibility to expand my potential. This lead to wonderful collaborations with many like-minded people. The originated projects are as versatile as the requirements they demanded and therefore unite my skills and my fields of work: as a director, as a producer and as a songwriter.
 Maybe it is my liking and respect for the varying facets, savoir vivre and rituals of other countries and their people which allowed the international collaborations.
Robert Wells (Sweden), RDB (India), Fahrad Darja (Aghanistan), Zdob si Zdub (Moldova), Haydamaky / Kozak System (the Ukraine), Peter Maffay (Germany) and many more. Each individual project taught me how important it is to know and to understand your roots. As a so called nomad of different cultures I rejoice the hitherto existing diversity and I am curious what I will experience in the future and what future projects I will be able to put into action.

Why „millionways“?

“millionways” combines many of my personal life rules. For example „networking“ is my personal passion- no matter whether it is work-related or within my circle of friends.
 The “pooling” of people bonds and creates positive synergy that, at some point in life, will find its way back to you. Building bridges between things that society usually does not see as a good fit.
Taking human core values back to their roots- especially those that get lost in urbanity of large cities. Bringing primary instincts into action e.g. simple compassion for others. “millionways” does manifold those instincts - big time. It therefore offers a platform for everybody.

What inspires you?

Creating and experiencing visions. Discovering and uniting different potentials.



In Movement (soon)

Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

April 19th 1968


Recognizing patterns of thought and patterns of sensation. Motivating people to use their talents. Supporting the abillity to empathize.

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The different opinions and reasons for acting upon morals. It is always worth it to consider a different philosophy of life.