Join millionways
to make more of your potential. 

How it works: 

  1. After the registration you get the access to a members’ area and we store your data in our database so we can match and connect you. 
  2. From now on we search for ways to make more of your potential. We can connect you with like-minded people, possible partners, projects, organizations or jobs – whatever you might need. 
  3. In the members’ area different tools will be published, such as personality tests, hypnosis-coaching, stories from our magazine about various projects and people that you can contact, as well as an app for potentialism. 
  4. With every tool you gain a valuable insight about yourself and your potential. The more tools you use, the more we find out about you and the faster we can connect you. 
  5. One of our tools is the interview. As soon as we have something for you, we will contact and interview you.  

Your data is safe with us. We don’t give it to someone else unless you explicitly tell us to do so.


So far this process is only available in the German-speaking world. To bring potentialism to the world, we are searching for partners, supporters, employees, collaborators and freaks with a clear vision.

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