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“In our society there is a great lack of building bridges between societal groups, bringing together creative and dedicated people and thereby leaving behind antiquated ways. But this is where millionways comes in. Think “outside the box”, allow curiosity and great open-mindedness to make way for new ideas and creative solutions. Being a part of this deserves full dedication.”

Inge Niebergall, born in 1967, studied political sciences, German philology and public law in Mainz and Bonn. After her examination in 1993, she worked for the General Policy and Planning Department of the main office of the CDU. In 1998 she made the switch to the Federal Association of German Banks, where, until 2007, she headed the chief executive’s office before moving to management and running the department of “Wirtschaft and Gesellschaft” (politics and society) until 2011. Some of her responsibilities involved the sociopolitical dialogue between private banks, e.g through the forum “Schönhauser Gespräche”.
Currently, she is working in public relations and communications. Her experience spans from political-strategic work over the analysis of societal processes to communications and public relations. Niebergall is also an advisory board member of the Oberlinstiftung in Potsdam-Babelsberg, which supports the deaf-blind



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