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What has your life been so far?

I have been working as a business-trainer for 25 years and for 15 years I was an associate at the Fromm School of Rhetoric. From a teaching degree to acting studies, I have acquired a multitude of qualifications with great enthusiasm and thanks to my versatile interests - now they come into effect in a whole new way! My motivation has always been supporting the self-knowledge of people.

Why millionways?

Finally there is an initiative which reflects our time, a movement that is already build for the future. People may develop to the fullest, co-workers may work freely, the disabled and the homeless are not regarded or treated as people of the 2nd class. Which is great!

What inspires you?

I am extremely curious about what drives people. It’s like a parabola: Once I find a few relevant points, I can see the entire curve, the entire parabola. The details in between are easily filled in…and I find out very quickly what people want…and I can give them tips in their own “language.” It gives me great joy to delve into their system and meet them there. Children also inspire me, their openness, their radiance, as if they still carry a little bit of paradise in them….

And the best thing is, when you really look for it, that radiance sometimes even shines through in adults - all the way through the cracks and gabs of their social conformity.

Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

23rd February 1952


Quick understanding of people.

Non-talents Discovered in Life

Working under restricting dependencies.