millionways is the organization for potentialism. We look at strengths and talents, not formal education, status or background.  

There are so many „margin“ and “marginalized“ groups that one has to ask – who is left surrounded? 
The homeless, the disabled, the old, the poor, the unemployed, the refugees … like all people they have talents, and often unique perspectives, thanks to their experiences. 

Too often, background, financial status, lack of degree or a „difficult“ past determine their course of life. Valuable potential gets lost and in the long term innovation is inhibited.  


The nonprofit foundation millionways has already gotten to know thousands of people and matched them with like-minded potential partners, projects, companies and organizations. This is a unique approach where we combine two things: empathy and algorithms. 
So far we have a database with thousands of talents. 
The people we match have built teams, started projects, created business plans and companies. 

One example: One day a 90-year-old lady called from her retirement home who wanted to do something useful in her free time. She was bored – a common problem. 
We brought her together with young people. 
They have built a company that creates, designs, and sells products for old people. Without the experience and knowledge of the old lady it would never have happened. 

We want to help people from so-called margin groups to make more of their potential and match them with other people, companies, organizations and talents that they would otherwise never meet.  

Out aim: 2017 we want to change the lives of at least 5000 people from so-called margin groups.  

Our Projects: