millionways aims to ignite the full potential of society. To do so we not only need millions of talents but also millions of euros. We are a movement, but a financially thinking one - because we are convinced that we need to connect the existing with the new structure, instead of fighting it. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business are a part of our roots. 

We invest in real enterprises, that arise from passion. Unlike non-profit organizations (that are by definition dependent on profit from outsiders), millionways AG is a full fletched enterprise held by the charitable millionways foundation. The AG, in turn, invests in the entrepreneurial ideas of the talents we find. Within the AG, we perform commercially and receive the capital and increase it so as to make future sponsorships possible - for the benefit of all. We are calling it “Helping Profit Organization”.

millionways, therefore, is a movement backed by a professional holding structure run by a foundation.




Interest in the AG



As of 2013, millionways AG will be collecting its first growth capital. This is made possible by “silent heroes” who become (silent) founding members of the AG. If…

  • you have a heart for people’s passions
  • you would like to invest your money well
  • you would like to write history

Your time is now! You are very welcome to contact us.

We are happy to meet you and explain our social business concept and how you can turn your money into more than just interest.

You can reach Martin Cordsmeier via email at: mc(at)


Donating to the foundation

Every single euro helps to ignite talents. The foundation accepts donations at all times. Donations that go to the millionways foundation are directly invested in running projects. This is not received as capital (neither as capital of the foundation), but is immediately and directly effective in building our infrastructure. Your donation enables others to utilize their talents to start a (new) life they may have not be able to realize otherwise.

Please donate to:

millionways Stiftung
Donations Account
Landesbank Berlin